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Type Label & Declaration of Conformity

The following information must be attached to the system.

What does a nameplate look like?

The implementation can be done in the simplest case by a sticker:

  • Name or logo of the manufacturer
  • Name of the system approval
  • Year
  • Serial number of the system
  • Material to be measured
  • Accuracy class
  • Mechanical class
  • Electromagnetic class
  • Ambient temperature
  • Sample temperature
  • Flow range
  • Smallest measured quantity

The position of the nameplate should be selected in accordance with local circumstances.

Declaration of Conformity

What is a declaration of conformity?

Following the evaluation procedure, the manufacturer declares conformity. This is done by handing over a written declaration signed by the managing director.

Conformity to type based on product verification 

A notified body chosen by the manufacturer shall carry out the appropriate examinations and tests, or have them carried out, to verify the conformity of the instruments with the type as described in the EU-type examination certificate and the appropriate requirements of this directive.