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Measuring systems for liquids other than water under legal governance and have to be checked frequently by national authorities. The re-verification period is regulated by the individual countries and normally carried out every two years depending of the type of liquid.

In most areas the metrological relevant components have to be measured on site using a metrological traceable reference. The references can be master meters, volumetric references or gravimetric references owned by the local authorities or by independent companies.

Combined proving and service vehicle (CPS)2-180 l/min0,12 m³/h – 10,8 m³/h
Master Meter (MM)6-4500 kg/min0,34 m³/h – 270 m³/h
Piston Prover (PP)5-65 l/min0,30 m³/h – 3,9 m³/h
Universal proving vehicle (UNI)10-4000 l/min0,60 m³/h – 240 m³/h
Large capacity proving vehicle (LPW)500-10000 l/min30,0 m³/h – 600 m³/h
Pipe prover (RPS 500/900)8-800 m³/h10,0 m³/h – 900 m³/h