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Reference Projects

Truck loading

Road or rail tanker loading using a flowmeter installed in an overhead gantry, and truck loading for the sale of liquefied gas for Knauber in Germany, using control room operated Coriolis flowmeters

Ship loading

Straight tube OPTIMASS Coriolis flowmeters are used on the dockside by Bomin Group in the port of Kiel for the custody transfer sale of marine bunker fuel oils of varying viscosity to Baltic Sea shipping.

Container loading

OPTIMASS meters are used for fiscal measurement of oil products delivered to a Baltic oil terminal in Lithuania by ship, and then transferred into rail tank cars for onward delivery.

Cryogenic system

BBG operates an LNG terminal in Bilbao port, Spain, receiving large LNG tanker deliveries, and supplying smaller tankers. The LNG and any entrained gas is measured to fiscal accuracy at up to 186t/h with dual 150mm bore OPTIMASS flowmeters.

Mobile systems

TIB Chemicals in Mannheim use a mobile flow measurement trolley to measure a zinc chloride solution and other products into 1 m3 IBC Containers

System on trucks

Cetil Dispensing Technology in Spain designs and manufactures dispensing systems for trucks: OPTIMASS meters were supplied for on tanker fiscal measurement of LNG deliveries.