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Truck mounted unloading system

For suppliers to monitor their deliveries from a truck or road tanker, an approved measurement system can be installed directly on the vehicle. This allows a legal fiscal discharge from the truck to a customer container, such as an IBC, or direct to a storage tank. In order to prevent gas inclusions, the supply tank must not fall below a minimum level, which can be achieved using a radar gauge that monitors the tank level. The liquid discharge flow rate is measured by a mass flowmeter and the measurement results are monitored and recorded by a flow computer.
The flow computer typically allows the required delivery quantity to be programmed, and can control a pump and / or valves to achieve this. Alternatively the customer can use their valves to control the delivery quantity, when the flow computer would then record the delivered total and provide a print-out, or digital link to the client’s control system. Other measuring devices, such as pressure or temperature sensors or valve status indicators can be monitored and recorded. The installation also provides connections for the installation of an external Master Meter, to allow regular calibration confirmation checks on the performance of the flow computer and metering system.