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Bulk unloading station

For a quantitative check on the receipt of liquids in bulk, from a supplier, using a road tanker or similar delivery tank, an unloading system is required. This can provide a legally approved fiscal measurement of the quantity received from the discharge of a tank truck, tank car or ship. Within the receiving system, the delivery from the vehicle can be initially allowed to settle in an initial holding tank, to eliminate any entrained air. This tank level is typically monitored with a radar level sensor, to avoid any further air entrainment.
The flow rate from the intermediate container into the plant is controlled by the pump and/or valves in the flowline, under the control of the flow computer system: the liquid quantity delivered to the site container or tank is measured by a mass flowmeter. All the measurement results are stored in the flow computer, with the associated measurements from other sensors in the line, such as pressure or temperature measurements, as well as the level measurements in the initial receiving tank. All necessary measurement results are then passed into the site control system, for stock updating, accounts records, and print-outs as needed.