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Technical requirements

What are the needs of the measuring instruments?

The basic requirements are described in Appendix 1 of the MID. Unless otherwise stated, they apply to all types of measuring instruments. These relate to:

  • Error limits
  • Reproducibility
  • Repeatability
  • Threshold and sensitivity
  • Reliability
  • Protection go adulteration
  • Information to be attached to the device
  • Display of the result
  • Further processing of data to complete the business transaction
  • Conformity assessment

What specific requirements are there?

The special requirements depend on the type of meter, so this list covers measuring equipment for the continuous and dynamic measurement of quantities of liquids other than water:

  • Nominal operating conditions
  • Accuracy classes and error limits
  • High permissible effects of disturbances
  • Resistance
  • Suitability
  • Failure of the power supply
  • Commissioning
  • Units  

Compliance with the requirements must be demonstrated by a conformity assessment procedure (Kbv). The requirements for storage, transport, installation, connection, etc. specified by the manufacturers are to be retained and observed.

Legal requirements

System provider KROHNE

Which types of conformity assessment are possible?


Modul B + D 

Modul B + F 

Modul G 

Modul H1 

Which ones are common in praxis? 

Modul B + D 

Modul B + F 

Modul B