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Module B:

The effect of a European type examination certificate, which corresponds to the “old” national type approval, applies only at European level.

The application for type-examination shall be submitted by the manufacturer of the measuring system to a notified body of his choice.

In addition to the field of application, the type examination certificate contains the approved components (transducers, measured value memory, flow computer, gas separator) as well as their software versions. The use of optional facilities are also noted there, such as:

  • Temperature recalculator
  •  Imprint of all measured and calculated values ​​(printer + pressure control)
  •  Recording the measured values ​​and stamp points

To understand: The measuring systems described in the type examination certificate can be manufactured as often as desired. For approval as a measuring system according to MID, however, the conformity assessment according to module F or D must subsequently be carried out.

Module F:

Proof of on-site compliance in the field by a Notified Body officer.

Module F is the part of the Kbv where the manufacturer ensures and declares that the measuring equipment which has been examined and tested by a notified body conforms to the type as described in the EG type-examination certificate and complies with the relevant requirements of this Directive (failing this the Notified Body decides which examinations are to be carried out (* to assess conformity)).

To understand: Mostly a reference measurement is done in the field. The occurring measurement deviation is compared with the required error limits. If the results are satisfactory, the notified body and the manufacturer may affix the marking (CE mark / codes / type plate …) by attaching it to the measuring point.

Further modules:

Module D: Explanation of conformity with the design on the basis of quality assurance for the production.

Module G: Explanation of conformity to type based on a single test

Module H1: Declaration of conformity based on comprehensive quality assurance, supplemented by a design review.